Recognised as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack air patient lift allows caregivers to safely lift patients who have fallen without gathering a lift team. The HoverJack inflates to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in a supine position, maximising patient comfort and minimising the risk of injury to the patient and their caregiver. Once the HoverJack is inflated, the HoverMatt® air transfer mattress can be used with the same air supply unit for safe and easy lateral patient transfer to a bed or stretcher.

  • Minimise staff members needed to safely lift patients who have fallen
  • Control height through individual chamber inflation
  • Self-sealing inflation valves for ease of use
  • Quick release deflation valves to lower patient if needed
  • Teflon® bottom allows for easy movement across all surfaces
  • Available in two widths with a weight capacity of 545kg to accommodate most patients

To be used with:

HoverTech Air Supply 2300
Offers six airflow options in one convenient piece of equipment.

Material Specs
Topside Material: Nylon Oxford
Underside Material:
Teflon impregnated polyester
Latex Free
Available in 2 Sizes
(32") 81cm W x 198cm L
(39") 99cm W x 198cm L

Can the HoverJack be over-inflated and cause it to burst?
No, not if you are using a HoverTech International Air Supply. The HoverJack has been tested under conditions that would “over-inflate” using this air supply.

If you open the red-capped valves, does the HoverJack deflate very quickly, causing it to be unstable and the patient to fall?
Yes, it will deflate very quickly if you open the red-capped valves all at one time. However, opening the red-capped valves one at a time, beginning at the top, permits the HoverJack to deflate rather slowly, but steadily. The HoverJack remains stable when deflated properly.

If we want the HoverJack to lift the patient a moderate amount, do all of the chambers have to be inflated for it to be stable?
No. The HoverJack is made to be stable regardless of how many chambers are inflated. However, the chambers MUST be inflated consecutively from the floor up. For example, if you only want to inflate 3 chambers, you must inflate chambers 1, 2 & 3.

Will the HoverJack lift a very heavy patient?
Yes. The HoverJack has a weight limit of 544kg. When lifting a heavy patient, extra caution must be taken to centre him or her properly on the HoverJack.