The HoverTech HoverSling combines HoverMatt technology and sling into one product. It allows seamless transition for lateral transfers and overhead lift transfers utilising one product that can stay with the patient. It is radiolucent and artifact free, so patients can remain on the device for all ancillary procedures including Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, or Radiation Therapy. The HoverSling is ARTG approved.

  • Offers streamlined approach for lateral and chair transfers saving time from applying two separate products
  • Improves patient safety and comfort during transfers, reduces skin shear and bruising
  • Elimiates costs and logistics associated with reprocessing, significantly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination
  • Strapping design secures and cradles each limb providing more even lifting and avoiding the roping effect of many other sling styles
  • Product is able to stay with the patient through multiple transfers during the patient’s stay in the hospital
  • 317kg (34” model) or 453kg (39” model) weight capacity accommodates a large range of patients, including bariatric

To be used with:

HoverTech Air Supply 2300
Offers six airflow options in one convenient piece of equipment.

Sewn construction
Top: Non-woven polypropylene fibre
Bottom: Nylon fabric
Latex free
Water Soluble Perimeter thread (120°)
Thread in sewn handles is NOT water soluble
Available in 2 Sizes
(34") 86cm W x 162cm L
(39") 99cm W x 162cm L