The HoverMatt Split-Leg Matt delivers the same effortless lateral patient transfers and positioning as the standard HoverMatt Air Transfer System, but in a split-leg design that specifically accommodates specialty tables.

When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the mattress reduces friction and pull force by 80-90%, making transfers easier and safer for the caregiver. Developed for use with patients in the lithotomy position, the Split-Leg Matt is ideal for gynaecology and urology procedures. Additional applications include use with any split or short procedure table used for orthopaedic and bariatric procedures. The split-leg design also facilitates the surgeon’s operating position preference.

When the snaps at the foot end of the mattress are fastened, the legs are kept together and lateral transfers can be performed just like with the standard HoverMatt transfer mattress. The legs can then be separated by unsnapping the fasteners to position the HoverMatt "legs" with the patients' legs as appropriate to the procedure.

  • Air-assisted technology improves patient and caregiver safety and comfort during transfers
  • Inflated mattress moves patient in stable position, reducing skin shear and bruising
  • Split-leg design allows for easy positioning with specialty procedure tables, while foot-end snaps help keep patients legs together during transfers
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible for artifact-free imaging
  • Available in multiple styles and widths with a 544kg weight limit to accommodate most patients
  • Variable speed air supply provides quieter and slower inflation options

To be used with:

HoverTech Air Supply 2300
Offers six airflow options in one convenient piece of equipment.

Split-Leg Matt
Material: Nylon twill with silica polyurethane coating on patient side
Seams: RF welding on all seams
Latex free
Available in 2 Sizes
(34") 86cm W x 198cm L